President Trump’s Approval Up 50% and More in 17 States

President Trump’s Approval Up 50% and More in 17 States

Americans in 17 states gave President Trump approval ratings of 50 percent or higher for 2018, with people in 16 other states rating him at below 40 percent, according to a new Gallup Poll released Friday.

President Trump gained the most approval in states in the South and Mountain West and the least approval in New England and on the West Coast. His highest rankings came in West Virginia, at 62%, and Wyoming, 61%, marking the 2 states with rankings above 60%.

Nationwide, President Trump’s approval ratings were at 40% for Y 2018, compared to 38% in Y 2017, marking a 2% increase.

President Trump’s ratings were highest in the following states:

  • West Virginia, 62 per cent
  • Wyoming, 61 per cent
  • South Dakota, 58 per cent
  • North Dakota, 58 per cent
  • Alaska, 56 per cent
  • Mississippi, 56 per cent
  • Alabama, 55 per cent
  • Tennessee, 54 per cent
  • Kentucky, 53 per cent
  • Arkansas, 53 per cent

President Trump’s job approval ratings were in line with his Y 2016 Presidential race, with the highest ranked states also voting for him at that time.

His ratings were lowest in the following states:

  • Hawaii, 26 per cent
  • Vermont, 28 per cent
  • California, 29 per cent
  • Massachusetts, 29 per cent
  • Maryland, 31 per cent
  • New York, 32 per cent
  • Illinois, 35 per cent
  • New Jersey, 35 per cent
  • New Hampshire, 35 per cent
  • Rhode Island, 36 per cent
  • Connecticut, 36 per cent
  • Washington, 36 per cent

The poll included combined data from the 2018 Gallup tracking poll, including interviews with more than 73,000 adults nationwide, including 500 or more in 38 states and 1,000 or more in 27 states.

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