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President Trump’s Approval Rating the Highest in 3 Years


Yes, there are some critics to President Trump’s handling of the global coronavirus pandemic, nevertheless his approval rating hit a 3 yr high in the latest poll by the Pew Research Center.

The 45% approval rating among Pew-polled US adults is the highest in Donald J. Trump’s Presidency since the 1st few months after his 20 January 2017 Inauguration.

But some 52% continue to disapprove of the job President Trump is doing, but his approval rating has jumped 5% since January at the height of the House Democrats’ impeachment hoax that ultimately died in the US Senate.

Among those jumping on board in approving of the job Trump is doing are, per the poll:

  • Women up 7 pts to  44% from 37% in January.
  • Black adults up 10 pts to 18% from 8%.
  • Hispanic adults up 10 pts to 37% to 27%.

All 3 of the above demographics tend to be tougher for Republicans in elections.

It is also notable, Pew-polled adults have a higher approval for President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic itself at 48%, 3 pts higher than the overall above. That is backed by very strong Republican support in the poll, as 83% have a positive view of his pandemic response, according to the poll.

Only 18% of Democrats are on board with President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Pew Research Center conducted this poll between 19-24 March among 11,537 US adults with a margin of error of +or – 1.5% pt.

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