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President Trump’s America First Healthcare Plan…

CHARLOTTE, NC - SEPTEMBER 24: US President Donald Trump makes his way off stage after signing an executive order following his remarks on his healthcare policies on September 24, 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Trump's trip to North Carolina marks his fifth time in the state within the last 30 days. (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

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American seniors are often the 1s accessing our healthcare system the most, and the common-sense reforms outlined in President Trump’s healthcare plan will make it easier for them to get the care they need.”– Paul Ebeling

From a $200 card soon to be in the mail to keeping his promise not to touch Medicare benefits, seniors have more to celebrate when it comes to President Trump’s America First Healthcare Plan.

The plan is based on 3 pillars: more choice, lower cost, and better care. Each of pillars is designed to improve the healthcare options available for seniors today.

The plan calls to continue expanding access to telemedicine, especially for older patients.

President Trump expanded Medicare earlier this year to allow seniors more telemedicine options. This is Key for seniors to have this choice since it allows them to receive continuous care for chronic conditions from the safety and comfort of their home.

Seniors are embracing it.

Before the China virus chaos, most people 65 anni and up had never received healthcare by telemedicine. In fact, only 10% of Medicare eligible seniors reported using telemedicine prior to this virus chaos.

Once they became familiar with telemedicine, 43% of Medicare eligible seniors took the opportunity to receive routine care, update Rx (prescriptions) drugs and more with medical appointments conducted virtually.

Although most seniors are covered by Medicare, they are still vulnerable to high Rx drug prices and surprise billing.

The America First Healthcare plan seeks to end these rising out-of-pocket costs in several ways.

President Trump is providing 33-M seniors with a $200 card that will be sent in the mail over the next few wks. The money is intended to help them cover out of pocket costs for Rx medications.

Plus, President Trump recently signed 4 executive orders designed to bring down the costs of Rx drugs. The executive orders allow safe importation of drugs and specifically works with Medicare to ensure that we are able to buy prescription medications for the same price as peer countries with similar economies.

President Trump has ordered the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to conduct administrative action to put an end to the practice of surprise billing, assuming Congress does not act on the issue by 31 December. That means taking action to prevent hospitals from hitting patients with outrageous, and unanticipated, bills at the end of their visits.

Additionally, starting in Y 2021, hospitals and insurers will be required to post prices for common procedures so that consumers can know how much to expect to pay before receiving care from a hospital.

Again, American seniors are often the 1s accessing our healthcare system the most, and the common-sense reforms outlined in President Trump’s healthcare plan will make it easier for them to get the care they need.

The President’s Healthcare Program is totally different in context than that proposed by the loosely defined, non-specific in execution, election sounding Democratic Plan.

The President’s first aim is the help the elderly, the baby boomers who are every day growing in number, by driving down healthcare costs, bringing critical drug supply elements and manufacturing home and it also has specific changes/ assistance under the Medicare Program. Obviously there is more to be done but too much of his time has been defending the proposed vaccines to covid-19. 

Once that is done which now looks more like reality given his own hospitalization, more time can be given to attacking the weaknesses in the current Healthcare System, especially aided at driving down the outrageous costs of prescription drugs where overseas purchasing is 50-70% less. I should know because two daily prescriptions that I take due to a heart condition which each costs in the $500-600 range per drug, I can buy overseas from the same drugs outside of this country for $.10 on the dollar. Why? Under the Biden Plan there is no mention of this need. 

Further, why did the costs of medical coverage under Obamacare go up 10-30% more than what was being offered by companies in the private section.

Moreover, Obamacare allowed companies to cancel there benefit plans and forced employees to seek the government plan at a more expensive costs. This was act of stupidity by the government and a plain gift to the corporate world.

Also, why should Americans be forced to allow for medical benefits to illegal immigrants where 33% remain unemployed after entering the United States and have newborns in order to apply for citizenship in order country. Like free education, this would just be another added costs to the American people.  

And, the Democrats constantly refer to people living in America, as Americans. In case the Democrats need a lesson in English, illegals are illegal immigrants are not Americans. If they want to enjoy the rights of our Citizenship, they should be forced to earn their citizenship like those before them have had to struggle to do,” says corporate healthcare specialist Bruce WD Barren.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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