President Trump’s Accomplishments Prove “He is mentally fit”

President Trump’s Accomplishments Prove “He is mentally fit”

President Trump’s Accomplishments Prove “He is mentally fit”

President Donald Trump is mentally fit for office, and the Democrats who suggest otherwise are playing partisan politics, Michael Reagan said on TV Monday.

Addressing charges that President Trump is not healthy enough mentally to serve as President, President  Reagan turned the argument around during an appearance on TV.

“Isn’t it interesting that they only question Republicans’ mental capacity to be President of the United States – did they ever bring up any Democrats’ mental capacity?” Mr. Reagan said.

“They talked about [1964 GOP candidate Barry] Goldwater when he was for running for President, they talked about my dad, they talked about Bush. Now they’re talking about Trump, but they never seem to talk about any Democrats who have run this country that their mental capacity is at all something to question.”

According to the new Garbage book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” many in The Trump Administration wonder if Trump is mentally fit for the office of President, those claims have dismissed as fiction., and Monday author Michael Wolf refused to produce his note and tapes related to the book.

Mr. Reagan pointed to the economic gains under President Trump as proof he is capable of being President.

“Ronald Reagan, accused of having Alzheimer’s disease, brings the Soviet Union to their knees, brings the wall down, lowers taxes, and you can’t go anywhere in this world today where he’s not, in fact, loved,”

Mike Reagan said. “…the market [DJIA] is at 25,000, unemployment is at 4%, jobs, jobs, jobs are being created.

“These are the kind of mentally impaired people we want to have as President of the United States.”


Stay tuned.

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