President Trump, “You better just take it easy with the language…”

President Trump, “You better just take it easy with the language…”

President Trump, “You better just take it easy with the language…”

US President Donald Trump is hammering the Dems, socialists and various and sundry elite Rhinos blaming those who have spoken out against him for the division in the country.

In an interview broadcast Sunday the President said he hopes, “the other side realizes that they better just take it easy.”

“They better just take it easy because some of the language used, some of the words used, even some of the radical ideas I really think they’re very bad for the country,” President Trump added.

President Trump was asked about protesters who have and continue to demonstrate against him and members of his Administration, as well as celebrities like actor Robert De Niro, who cursed him during the Tony Awards and comedian Samantha Bee, who caused controversy after she used an obscene word to describe First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

Prominent financial news commentator, Maria Bartiromo, praised the president for his economic achievements in his just over 500 days in office.

The Trump Administration has accused Democrats of hypocrisy in the past, often when it comes to issues of tolerance.

The Progressive Democrats fired back noting President Trump’s bashing of his opponents and using hars rhetoric to protesters at his speeches and  rallies.

Have a terrific 4th of July Freedom Week

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