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President Trump Will Win in November Because Americas Cities Are Burning


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Friday, US District Judge Michael Mosman denied a motion brought by Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum to sue the Department of Homeland Security on behalf of protesters in Portland.

Judge Mosman ruled that Ms. Rosenblum fell short in proving the interests of the state of Oregon aligned with those of its residents. He also said the state leaned on arguments about possible risks that faced Oregonians that were “purely hypothetical.”

Ms. Rosenblum argued that federal law enforcement officials continued to violate the constitutional rights of protesters by grabbing them off the streets.

The judge ruled that 2 examples of federal officers acting improperly were not enough to allow the state attorney’s motion to stand.

“The State has presented just one example of an arrest without probable cause and one example of an unreasonable seizure,” he said. “It has presented no evidence of any official orders or policies and has presented no evidence that these allegedly illegal seizures are a widespread practice.

Over the last week, federal agents, not troops have monitored protesters in Portland to protect federal buildings. 

President had dispatched DHS officers to Portland, Oregon, and other localities to protect federal property and monuments. He linked the growing violence in the streets with protests over racial injustice pointing to the unprecedented moment the country is living through the C-19 coronavirus chaos, historic unemployment, stay-at-home orders, a mass reckoning over race and police authority, stress and in some cases, the weather.

Local authorities had complained the surges in federal agents have only exacerbated tensions on the streets, that argument was trashed by the US District Court.

The decision to dispatch federal agents to American cities is playing out at a highly politicized time.

President Trump is a “law-and-order” President and since many Democratic-led cities are out of control. is taking the Bull By the Horns.

With 3 months to go before Election Day, President Trump is letting The People know that the rioting and violent protest would worsen if his Democrat Joe Biden is elected in November, and is winning over Black, Hispanic, latino and independent voters with that dire message.

My administration will be working to remove dangerous offenders, sprung loose by these deadly policies and deadly politicians, frankly,” President Trump. “America is a sanctuary for law abiding citizens. The lawlessness that’s being pushed by the extreme radical left is unacceptable; others want to defund, defame, and abolish the police, we want to support and honor our great police.”

President Trump will hammer the Democrats in November.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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