President Trump Will Turn the Davos Globalists on Their ‘Ears’

President Trump Will Turn the Davos Globalists on Their ‘Ears’

President Trump Will Turn the Davos Globalists on Their ‘Ears’

The Trump Policy: America First

The Trump Mission: Make America Great Again

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is may join French President Emmanuel Macron at the World Economic Forum (WMF) in Davos next week in what may well turn into a clash of competing world views with US President Donald Trump.

Ms. Merkel is struggling to put together a government since a German election in September, she had been expected to skip the annual gathering of leaders, CEOs, bankers and celebrities in the Swiss Alps for a 3rd straight year.

However,  after clinching a preliminary coalition agreement with the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) Friday, some German officials said Ms. Merkel could travel to Davos after all.

Her appearance would signal a return to the world stage after being in political limbo for a year. During which time she has avoided the limelight and been dismissed by the German and international media as a verbrauchte Kraft or Spent Force aka all done.

French President Macron is scheduled to speak at the forum on 25 January 2 days before President Trump address closing the forum.

Mr Macron would need help from Ms Merkel to reaffirm their commitment to reforming the European Union (EU) after Britain’s decision to leave, and to defend progressive democratic values in the face of President Trump’s “America First” policy.

The WEF run from 23 – 26 January under the banner “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World” and will attract some 60 heads of state and government.

Officials at the WEF said they believed Ms. Merkel was still considering whether to attend.

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