President Trump Will Shut Down Government Again If No Border Wall Funding

President Trump Will Shut Down Government Again If No Border Wall Funding

Sunday, Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said that President Trump will shut down the government again if he does not get border Wall funding.

In a TV interview Mr. Mulvaney said the President is “willing to do whatever it takes to secure the border.”

“I think he actually is,’’ ready to shut down the government again if there is no bipartisan deal reached on border funding in the next 3 weeks.

“He does take this very seriously,” he added. “This is a serious humanitarian and security crisis, and as president of the united stating he takes the security of the nation as his highest priority. He doesn’t want to shut the government down… He does not want to declare national emergency. What he wants to do is fix this the way things are supposed to get fixed with our government, which is through legislation.”

Mr. Mulvaney asserted the shutdown was worth it because the crisis at the border is not “made up” and that “hundreds of known criminals” are in the next caravan on its way to the United States.

“Is it worth it for the President to secure the nation?” he said “Keep in mind, he’s not making this up. There really is a humanitarian crisis on the border. There really is a security crisis on the border. I know that some people want to stick their head in the sand and say that’s not the case. We have data there are hundreds of known criminals in the next caravan that is coming up through Mexico today. These are not made-up numbers.”

“I disagree with the concept that we do not have anything that we did not have 35 days ago,” he added. “Now we have a bunch of Democrats saying they are willing to work with us. And 35 days ago all we had was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D:CA) saying that under no circumstances would she ever give any money at all for a Wall. That has clearly changed. I think things are moving in the right direction.”

Mr. Mulvaney said the President will get his border Wall funding “with or without Congress.”

“We do not go into this trying to shut the government down,” he said, adding, “It’s still better to get it through legislation. That’s the right way to do it. At the end of the day, the President is going to secure the border, one way or another… the President’s commitment is to protect the nation, and he will do it either with or without Congress.”

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