President Trump Will Get NKorean ‘Rocket Man’ to Stand Down

President Trump Will Get NKorean ‘Rocket Man’ to Stand Down

President Trump Will Get NKorean ‘Rocket Man’ to Stand Down

The Trump Administration faces a “dilemma” with NKorea, but “they will work their way out of it by … getting “Rocket Man” to stand down,” former Trump domestic policy adviser Ken Blackwell said on TV Friday.

“But I am sure it is a tough dilemma,” he said in the interview.

But China also has a keen interest in curbing Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions, Mr. Blackwell said, because “they can pivot off of if they’re successful at working together to put him back in his box,” referring to NKorean dictator Kim Jong Un.

“They hold a lot of our debt and they in fact have to be concerned about things going right in the US,” he said.

“They know that the President is trying to get the economy growing again and this distraction hurts their pocketbook.

“This is a fascinating, but dangerous game of international diplomacy that’s being played out right now,” Mr. Blackwell said.

“But I think The Trump Administration has gotten it right.

“This is an uncontrollable nemesis that we have in ‘Rocket Man,’ but China has a real interest in getting him under control.”

So far, the financial markets are seeing it that way too, as there is no panic priced in.

Have a terrific week.

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