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President Trump, “Why Would I Allow Change to Debate Rules?”


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Thursday, President Trump suggested he will not going along with any new debate rule that would cut off a candidate’s microphone if he talks over his opponent and the moderator.

Why would I allow the Debate Commission to change the rules for the 2nd and 3rd Debates when I easily won last time?” he Tweeted.

That was echoed in a call with reporters with Campaign Manager Bill Stepien and senior adviser Jason Miller, who attacked the Commission as a partisan entity, pointing out that even some of the Republicans on its board of directors had said negative things about President Trump.  

‘Rather than a cross section of America, this group very much comes across as what you might see at an evening gala at the Metropolitan Club in DC,’ Miller said.

For the most part, these directors are permanent Swamp Monsters! 

C-Span’s Steven Scully’s, 60 anni, D-2’s moderator, was volunteer for the Carter campaign in Y 1976, and worked for Joe Biden, as an intern in Y 1978 and Ted Kennedy as an intern in Y 1979 while in college. 

The proposed change was triggered by complaints about how much President Trump interrupted Slow Joe Biden’s remarks during the 1st debate Tuesday. When in actuality Slow Joe was the interrupter (77X) and a irreverent name caller.

But Trump Campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said “will absolutely oppose” the Commission’s proposed changes, offering no specifics.

Mr. Murtaugh told the press that the Biden campaign is “running to the commission to try to get the rules changed” because “their guy had a lousy performance.” He did not answer 1 question.

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