President Trump, “Weighs the risks, makes the moves”

President Trump, “Weighs the risks, makes the moves”

President Trump, “Weighs the risks, makes the moves”

Saturday, Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov praised President Donald Trump’s exploration of a diplomatic solution with North Korea and called his actions “not senseless.”

“Trump is not senseless. He weighs risks. This is demonstrated by his refusal to strike North Korea, and inclusion of China in diplomatic talks rather than conflict with it,” Sen. Pushkov Tweeted.

President Trump has held extensive talks with China in recent weeks, urging Beijing to assist the United States in pressuring North Korea to halt its nuclear program.

US officials said they suspected North Korean leader Kim Jong-un of planning an underground nuclear test after its government pledged a “big and important event” for Saturday, it did not happen, actually it did happen, it blew up on the launching pad, which gives us a real idea how “scary” North Korea is not.

North Korea only showed off its missiles during a military parade and warned it was ready for “all-out war,” while accusing President Trump of “creating a war situation.”

Wednesday, President Trump dispatched the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to the Korean Peninsula after North Korea’s latest missile test last week and a US  official also said President Trump is ready to use conventional weapons in a pre-emptive strike should North Korea have followed through with a nuclear weapons test at the weekend.

Russia is pressing for a diplomatic solution with North Korea.

“In the case of North Korea, as with Iran, there need to be political methods of solving the problem. Military methods will solve nothing, are highly dangerous and can lead to war,” Sen. Pushkov Tweeted.

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