President Trump Waves Away Paris Accord, Will Not Look Back

President Trump Waves Away Paris Accord, Will Not Look Back

President Trump Waves Away Paris Accord, Will Not Look Back


Thursday, US President Donald Trump stepped on and over the Paris climate accord, an agreement that has no good reason to exit in the main.

He has told the world that now US interest is served by remaining part of the accord, as its supporters say is a questionable exercise, when they are not insisting that the fate of our Planet depends on it.

The treaty’s advocates are trying to save the accord arguing that it is largely meaningless. With the US in the lead, expect Australia and Canada to follow, and possibly Mexico too.

The Paris accord they say, “asks participants only to state what they are willing to do and to account for what they have done. It is, in a word, voluntary.”

In other words, “Nothing to see here, just us climate-change alarmists playing pretend.”

And there is indeed much to be said for the worthlessness of Paris. Beijing pledges that China’s emissions will peak around Y 2030. By 1 estimate, this is when its emissions would peak regardless.

According to the American Enterprise Institute, if Paris were fully implemented and we accept the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) model for how emissions affect warming, it will produce a rounding error’s worth of decline in the global temperature by Y 2100: .17 of a degree Celsius.

Early on, Paris was presented as a tool for steadily tightening restrictions on fossil fuels.

The Hussein Obama Team referred to 1 provision in the accord as “ratcheting up ambition over time.” Hang on this clearly is still the goal of the treaty’s supporters and a reason why President Trump gave it a wave good bye, the US is out.

Outside of the banter in the press, threats of rentier magnet Elon Musk, Tesla, Inc’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) globe trotting hypeoligist, and the public chagrin Mr. Hussein Obama getting out of Paris was not a close call.

Former US President Barack Hussein Obama acted as if the treaty was an executive agreement, even though it involved 195 countries, and purports to bind future US Presidents, that was not true.

You recall that goofy, know it all condescending grin of Mr. Hussein Obama’s? You can bet he is not wearing it now.

Thursday President Trump gave Paris the boot and will never look back. Good on him.

Stay tuned…

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