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President Trump Vs Some Governors, the President Wins!

President Trump has declared his latest “Me Vs Them” war portraying himself as the Commander in Chief overseeing a hand full of insurgent Democrat governors.

In the United States there may be a dust-up emerging between President Trump and some state governors from the East and the West coasts, who Monday banded together in 2 regional pacts to coordinate gradual economic reopenings as the coronavirus crisis finally appeared to be fading. They represent about 33% of the nation’s population.

President Trump has asserted his sole authority to end lockdowns. The state governors and legal experts are pointing out that the President does not have that authority and his saying it will not make it so. I will bet that President Trump is right, as he holds the ‘purse strings‘ the the states aid in here.

President Trump could to punish states that do not abide by his orders, as he did when he refused to give money to so-called sanctuary states after they refused to share information with federal immigration authorities.

The risk would be a confused end to the US coronavirus lockdown. If some people follow Trump’s advice and others follow the state governor’s’ orders, presumably the risk of the virus would rise. And of course President Trump will point that out to those Governors.

President Trump has established his own task force of 100 Top business leaders to help him design the reopening the US economy. I do not expect any state Governor to stand in his way.

The new Presidential task force will not include health officials or economists. As such it may bring on a tug of war between economists and public health officials over how quickly to reopen the economy Vs proceeding cautiously to ensure the virus does not spike again.

The doom and gloom medical experts in the government, including Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, have cautioned that easing up on social distancing too soon could lead a new wave of the disease that would require shuttering the economy again, with dire results, continuing to broadcast their Fear factor into the media and The People.

The world’s central banks signaled the willingness to provide as much liquidity as is required to the economies, as the world begins to go back to work.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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