President Trump Using the Power of the Presidency

President Trump Using the Power of the Presidency

US President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to circumvent Congress and spend billions of dollars for a border wall is the latest example of him relishing using the power of the Presidency to do whatever he can without Congress.

This was made even clearer by a revelation from a senior White House official that shortly after becoming President Trump’s acting Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney told Cabinet officials that their “highest priority” over the next year would be deregulation, because “we knew there was one thing we could do without legislation.”

This move to expand Presidential powers at the expense of the legislative branch has been a trademark of The Trump Administration from the beginning.

His executive orders have brought on court battles, many of which he has won.

White House officials say that President Trump believes the tax reform bill would be the last large piece of legislation he would get through, which is why he has started to focus on issues where Congress has little power, such as foreign policy and trade.

For example: President Trump has made clear he will not seek congressional approval for any deal resulting from the China trade talks. 

This then, explains why Republicans have invested the confirmation of new federal judges.

George W. Bush (43) pushed the boundaries of Presidential power and Barack Hussein Obama (44) increasingly used executive power when Congress blocked his agenda in the latter years of his administration.

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