President Trump Tweets, ‘Obamacare Is in a Death Spiral’

President Trump Tweets, ‘Obamacare Is in a Death Spiral’

President Trump Tweets, ‘Obamacare Is in a Death Spiral’

President Donald Trump sent out a tweet Monday emphasizing the importance of Congress passing legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare.

If our healthcare plan is approved, you will see real healthcare and premiums will start tumbling down. ObamaCare is in a death spiral!

 The continued pressure to pass a modified version of the bill that House leaders pulled from the floor last month comes despite GOP lawmakers telling The Wall Street Journal that the need for Congress to avert a government shutdown this Friday is likely to push the debate over the healthcare bill to the back burner.

The American Health Care Act was pulled from a vote because the GOP believed it did not have the votes to pass at the time.

“The priority for most of us is to get a funding bill done by the end of the day Friday,” Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) said after House Republicans held a conference call over the weekend to discuss the week’s strategy.

Monday, the House Republicans were updated about the the newest compromise by Reps. Tom MacArthur and Mark Meadows to enable the GOP healthcare bill to progress.

Among the proposal is that states could get waivers from 2 Barack Obamacare insurance regulations: the “essential health benefits” and the rule that older adults can’t be charged more than 3X as much as younger ones. In addition, states could also obtain a waiver from the rule that people can’t be charged more for pre-existing conditions, but only if the state has another method of taking care of sick people.

Notably, some congressmen in the House Freedom Caucus have warmed to the compromise proposal, they also say it is too early to give it their backing and that there must be plenty of time to review the changes.

Following Monday’s update, Republicans said they needed to check later this week if the compromises had their desired effect.

The negotiations over avoiding the government shutdown were complicated after The Trump Administration added new demands regarding the funding of the wall on the Mexican border.

Stay tuned…

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