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President Trump Turning His Millions of Supporters into a’Digital Army’



President Trump has used Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) as a direct connector to his supporters throughout his Presidency sidestepping the MSM, and he will soon have another tool to get his message out unfiltered.

The Trump reelection campaign is launching a social networking app to harness the dedicated energy among his army of supporters.

The coming smartphone app will encourage them to donate, volunteer their time and stay on top of the President’s campaign schedule.

Trump supporters are more dedicated and committed,” Rory McShane, a Republican strategist specializing in digital media, told reporters..”If there is any campaign where they have a shot at making this work, it’s the Trump campaign.”

The app will create a prize system to persuade President Trump’s fervent supporters to recruit their friends with rewards such as VIP seats at a rally or a photo with the President, similar to how other campaigns do for Top donors.

It will allow The Trump Campaign to track followers more extensively than ever before, providing another way to 2X down and turn out the conservative base instead of persuading independent and undecided voters to reelect the President. The campaign has already collected 200-M voter files from the Republican National Committee (RNC), and it is aim is to target voters with hyper specific messaging.

Ahead of the 2020 Presidential election, The Trump Campaign is building a digital operation unrivaled by Democrats in its use of data-mining techniques and algorithms.

The app highlights a Key part of The Trump Campaign strategy, which is anchored in circumventing tech companies like Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) that the President declared as biased against conservatives.

At a “White House Social Media Summit” in July President Trump accused the digital media mogul of “terrible bias” and silencing his supporters. Digital companies deny this.

Note: In Y 2016, The Trump Campaign had a bare-bones app that limited its functions to campaign updates and canvassing information. It had 120,000 registered users.

The campaign increasingly views smartphones as another method of turning passive supporters into staunch activists. At a Trump rally late last year, campaign manager Brad Parscale brandished his iPhone, telling supporters, “Now this phone is how we connect with you. It’s how we turn you into the army of Trump.”

Digital experts say a Key hurdle in launching an app is getting users to download it. But as elections are increasingly fought online, the app space offers campaigns another method of reaching supporters.

The big challenge for campaigns in this era when attention is oversaturated is to reach people where they are,” veteran GOP strategist Eric Wilson told reporters.. “It is a no-brainer to go into the app space on campaigns. It is an important battleground.”

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