President Trump, ‘Totally Be Willing’ to Shut Down Govt to Get Border Wall Funds

President Trump, ‘Totally Be Willing’ to Shut Down Govt to Get Border Wall Funds

President Trump, ‘Totally Be Willing’ to Shut Down Govt to Get Border Wall Funds

US President Donald Trump said he would “totally be willing” to shut down the government if Congress does not send him a bill approving $5-B for his proposed Wall on the US southern border with Mexico.

His comments came during an interview Tuesday.

“I don’t do anything … just for political gain,” Trump said. “But I will tell you, politically speaking, that issue is a total winner. People look at the border, they look at the rush to the police, they look at the rock throwers and really hurting three people, three very brave border patrol folks — I think that it’s a tremendous issue, but much more importantly, is really needed. So we have to have border security.”

And he added: “I am firm” on insisting that $5-B be provided for the Wall.

Democratic lawmakers have said they would approve $1.6-B for the barrier.

The President’s insistence on money for the Wall suggests the real risk of a partial government shutdown. Congress must approve 7 appropriations bills by next Friday or risk interruptions at some federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security.

Top House Republicans met with President Trump at the White House on Tuesday and discussed government funding.

“The President has been very clear that he needs $5-B to properly secure the border,” Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA), said. “We need to be there for him and make sure this gets signed.”

The Trump Administration asked a federal judge to halt enforcement of his order blocking the government from sealing most of the southern border to asylum seekers, while the Justice Department appeals the decision.

The government says President Donald Trump should be permitted to enforce US border and immigration policy without judicial interference. The President has vowed to take the legal challenge to his directive, filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, to the Supreme Court.

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