President Trump to NATO Nations, “Pay up!”

President Trump to NATO Nations, “Pay up!”

President Trump to NATO Nations, “Pay up!”

Just ahead of a US-Russia Presidential Summit US President Trump has sent letters to NATO allies ahead of the July Summit in Brussels warning that Americans are tired of funding Europe’s defense and want NATO members to carry more of the load aka ‘Pay up!”

The only letter made public was the 1 sent to Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

Foreign Policy magazine reported Wednesday that letters sent to at least some members of the 29-Nation alliance followed the same general template, and were tailored to the specific country.

The message in all the letters was clear: Those nations were not meeting defense spending thresholds.

“It is increasingly difficult to justify to American citizens why some countries do not share NATO’s collective security,” one such letter asserts.

“I, therefore, expect to see a strong re-commitment by [country] to meet the goals to which we all agreed,” it said.

The version being sent to Germany contained some of the harshest language, according to reports.

The Summit starts on 11 July and features the leaders of all NATO countries, and they are worried.

“A no-news Summit would be a good Summit,” one unnamed European diplomat told reporters. “But at this point, we’re all scared sh–less.”

They all know the President Trump holds all of the cards in this Key matter.

America First and MAGA

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