President Trump to Migrant Invaders; “Our Military Is Waiting for You!’

President Trump to Migrant Invaders; “Our Military Is Waiting for You!’

President Trump to Migrant Invaders; “Our Military Is Waiting for You!’

  • 5,000 Regular Army Troops Headed to Mexico Border to Counter Invading Migrant Caravan
  • President Donald Trump escalated his threats against a migrant invaders traveling to the US border, labeling the caravan’s effort an “invasion” and warning that “our Military is waiting for you!”

President Trump Tweeted Monday about the caravan of several thousand Central American migrants moving through Mexico, saying no 1 will be admitted “unless you go through the legal process.”

President Trump also said the group includes “Gang Members and some very bad people.”

The President has stepped up his focus on immigration in the days leading up to the midterm Congressional elections.

The Pentagon last week approved a request for additional troops at the southern border. The White House is also weighing additional border security measures.

The US military to send 5,000 troops to the southern border as a caravan of invading asylum seekers and migrants makes its way northward in Mexico.

This represents a significant increase from initial estimates of 800 troops and is a much larger force than the 2,000 National Guard troops deployed there earlier this year.

According to the latest plans, some 1,800 troops will go to Texas, 1,700 to Arizona and 1,500 to California, consisting mainly of military police and engineers, with some Marines as well, an official said. They are expected to support border officials by building tents, providing medical support and aiding staff command.

It means the number of US military forces deployed at the border would be larger than those currently in Syria and Iraq, and about 50% of those in Afghanistan.

Some already have begun to deploy there and most are expected to stay until the middle of December, a Pentagon official said, although a spokesman called figures about troop deployments “premature.”

The Us Department of Homeland Security officials has and continues to encouraged would-be asylum seekers to ask for refuge at ports of entry, saying that was the only legal way to apply for asylum at the border.

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said officials will devise plans to ensure “we can secure the ports of entry to prevent a large group from coming at one time.”

President Donald Trump has vowed that the migrants, who are still about 1,000 miles from the border and number some 4,000 people, will not be allowed in, calling the situation a “national emergency.”

America First!

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