President Trump to Bob Iger, “You never apologized to me!”

President Trump to Bob Iger, “You never apologized to me!”

President Trump to Bob Iger, “You never apologized to me!”


President Donald Trump has broken his silence on the cancellation of “Roseanne.”

Wednesday, in a Tweet, President Trump noted that Robert Iger, CEO of ABC’s parent Walt Disney Co., (NYSE:DIS) called Valerie Jarrett to say the network wouldnont tolerate Roseanne Barr’s racist Tweet about the former Hussein Obama White House adviser.

President Trump wrote that Mr. Iger never called him to apologize for “the HORRIBLE statements” that have been said about him on ABC. Tweeted Trump: “Maybe I just didn’t get the call.”

The President reveled in the show’s success this spring, especially after Ms. Barr’s character came out as a supporter of his policies.

Note: A few years after NBC cancelled “The Apprentice” Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

The Big Q: What’s next for Rosanne Barr?

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NYSE:DIS 100.01 30 May 2018 0.32 100.5 100.55 99.42 5,476,680
HeffX-LTN Analysis for DIS: Overall Short Intermediate Long
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