President Trump Tightens Rules on Americans Traveling to Cuba and More

President Trump Tightens Rules on Americans Traveling to Cuba and More

President Trump  Tightens Rules on Americans Traveling to Cuba and More

Friday, expect US President Donald Trump to tighten rules on Americans traveling to Cuba and significantly restrict US companies from doing business with Cuban enterprises controlled by the military.

President Trump will lay out his new Cuba policy in a speech in Miami that will shred parts of former President Barack Hussein Obama’s opening to the Communist-ruled island after a Y 2014 diplomatic breakthrough between the 2 former Cold War foes.

Taking a tougher approach against Cuba after promising to do so during the Presidential campaign, President Trump will make clear that a ban on US tourism to Cuba remains in effect and his administration will beef up enforcement of travel rules under all authorized categories.

The new limits on US business deals will target the Armed Forces Business Enterprises Group (GAESA), a conglomerate involved in all sectors of the economy, including hotels.

Details will be forthcoming in coming months from the US Commerce and Treasury Departments, the agencies tasked with turning the Presidential memorandum into policy.

President Trump will not be closing embassies or breaking off diplomatic relations restored in Y 2015 after more than 50 years of hostility.

He will also leave in place some other changes including the resumption of direct US-Cuba commercial flights.

President Trump’s aides say that Mr. Hussein Obama’s easing of US restrictions has done nothing to advance political freedoms in Cuba, while benefiting the Cuban government financially.

President Trump will issue the memorandum when he delivers his speech at the Manuel Artime Theater in Miami’s Little Havana district, the heart of America’s Cuban-American and Cuban exile community.

Senator Marco Rubio (R:FL) played a Key role in pushing for the changes, and will attend the event along with US Representative Mario Diaz-Balart and other Cuban-American lawmakers.

President Trump’s rollback of Mr. Hussein Obama’s policy has drawn some opposition from American businesses and the travel industry, which have begun making inroads on the island. The new policy has come together after meetings within the administration.

The President’s advisers contended that it is important to make good on a promise to Cuban-Americans whose support was significant in winning Florida in the Y 2016 Election. Miami is home to the largest Cuban-American community.

Stay tuned…

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