President Trump Thought Sessions was ‘Brawler and Fighter’

President Trump Thought Sessions was ‘Brawler and Fighter’

President Trump Thought Sessions was ‘Brawler and Fighter’

Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh said that President Donald Trump’s biggest issue with USAG Jeff Sessions is that he thought “he had a Brawler and a Fighter” in the Attorney General.


President Trump should be over Mr. Sessions’ recusal by now, and his latest attacks on the Attorney General over Hillary Clinton are a “red herring”, given Trump’s own decision to be “magnanimous in victory” and not press an investigation,” Mr. Limbaugh said during a segment of “The Rush Limbaugh Show.”

“I still say that this boils down to Trump thinking he had a brawler and a fighter,” Mr. Limbaugh said on his show. “It’s understandable he would think that. Sessions was the 1st in the United States Senate, the Republican Party, of major stature, to endorse Trump, which took some guts.

“So I’m sure that Trump assumed that he had a brawler here. At least he had somebody who was unafraid to do the heavy lifting and get down and dirty in whatever needed to be done, and he just hasn’t seen that since Sessions was confirmed,” Mr. Limbaugh said.

But Sessions is “not gonna do anything to dishonor the office,” Mr. Limbaugh said, and therein lies the tension between the Attorney General and President Trump.

“And I think Trump believes all that is secondary because his Presidency is at stake. And he thought he was assembling a team of people that were going to join him in doing battle here with the Swamp,” Mr. Limbaugh said.

President Trump is anti-establishment, we are finding that JB Sessions is the GOP establishment.

Instead of a brawler and fighter our President got a ‘Judas Goat” in JB Sessions.

Mr. President, Drain the Swamp

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