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President Trump, “This will go away without a vaccine”


The People are calling for a White House investigation of Bill and Melinda Gates for Crimes against Humanity.

Friday, President Trump predicted the C-19 coronavirus would “go away without a vaccine” and vowed that America is going to “transition to greatness.”

The President focused on the economy, reopening the country and the future in a meeting at the White House with Republican lawmakers. 

His confident words came as the United States recorded its highest rate of unemployment since the Great Depression

This is going to go away without a vaccine. It’s going to go away and we’re not going to see it again,” President Trump said as he admitted, “you may have some flare ups.”

President Trump said there have been other disease that came and went without a vaccine but they would just die off. 

There are some viruses and flux’s that came, when they went for a vaccine, they never found the vaccine and [the viruses] disappeared. It never showed up again. They die too like everything else. They die too,” President Trump said. 

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