President Trump Thanks Senator Marco Rubio For Exposing Broward ‘Election Theft’

President Trump Thanks Senator Marco Rubio For Exposing Broward ‘Election Theft’

President Trump Thanks Senator Marco Rubio For Exposing Broward ‘Election Theft’

Friday, President Donald Trump provided a lengthy commentary regarding the Florida elections mess during his flight to Paris alleging “potential corruption” in Broward County as officials grapple with determining who won the Sunshine State’s Senate and Gbernatorial races.

While en route to France for ceremonies marking the end of World War I, Trump’s tweet storm included criticisms of Florida elections officials and allegations of fraud.

“Thank you @marcorubio for helping to expose the potential corruption going on with respect to Election Theft in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The WORLD is now watching closely!” Trump tweeted in regards to Sen. Marco Rubio’s claim that Democrats are trying to “Steal” seats by altering the results of Tuesday’s elections.

Earlier, Trump had a lot to say about Broward County’s elections process as a whole.

“As soon as Democrats sent their best Election stealing lawyer, Marc Elias, to Broward County they miraculously started finding Democrat votes. Don’t worry, Florida — I am sending much better lawyers to expose the FRAUD!” he wrote in one tweet.

Regarding the Senate race between incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson and Republican Rick Scott, President Trump alluded to the massive difference in the vote count that occurred between Tuesday night and Thursday evening.

“Rick Scott was up by 50,000+ votes on Election Day, now they ‘found’ many votes and he is only up 15,000 votes. ‘The Broward Effect.’ How come they never find Republican votes?” he wrote.

Former Republican Representative Ron DeSantis and Tallahassee’s Democratic Mayor Andrew Gillum are locked in a tight race for governor. Trump said about that race: “Mayor Gillum conceded on Election Day and now Broward County has put him ‘back into play.’ Bill Nelson conceded Election — now he’s back in play!? This is an embarrassment to our Country and to Democracy!”

President Trump also alleged that Broward County officials may have considered changing the results of the 2016 Presidential election before seeing that hehad enough votes statewide to win.

“In the 2016 Election I was winning by so much in Florida that Broward County, which was very late with vote tabulation and probably getting ready to do a ‘number,’ couldn’t do it because not enough people live in Broward for them to falsify a victory!” President Trump tweeted.

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