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President Trump Taking Measures Targeting the Left Wing Tech Giants


President Trump accused Facebook Inc, (NASDAQ:FB), Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTX), and Alphabet Inc’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google of being controlled by the “Radical Left” and said his administration is working to remedy what he called an “illegal situation.”

In a Tweet that mentions the Facebook-owned Instagram, the President commented on a clip by conservative blogger Michelle Malkin hammering the so-called deplatforming of conservative voices by technology companies.

President Trump did not elaborate on potential measures targeting the tech giants.

Ms. Malkin in a recent post on her Twitter account said she would not be taking the “Gates vaccine,” a term often employed on line by anti-vaccine activists to refer to the many coronavirus vaccines in development. It refers to Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google is likely to be the target of antitrust lawsuits by the Justice Department and a group of state attorneys general, the WS-J reported Friday. The US Justice Department declined to comment.

The NY-Ts reported Saturday that the FDA halted a C-19 coronavirus testing program backed by Bill Gates. The program has been ordered by the federal government to stop its work pending additional reviews.

Natably, President Trump said Friday he was looking at possibly making a C-19 coronavirus vaccine available free of charge.

“We are looking at that, actually,” President Trump said when asked by a reporter at the White House whether a vaccine would be free.

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