President Trump Has a Strong Position on the US Immigration Crisis

President Trump Has a Strong Position on the US Immigration Crisis

President Trump Has a Strong Position on the US Immigration Crisis

  • President Trump Did Not Make Off Color Remarks

Friday, US Senator David Perdue (R-GA) said that he honestly did not remember the reported words “s***hole countries” that an aggressive Dem Senator claimed were used by President Donald Trump to describe problem countries in a WH meeting Thursday on immigration reform.

“I honestly don’t remember that word being used,” the Senator from Georgia said in an interview, “…but I do remember the conversation about what’s wrong with the current immigration system.

“It does not protect American workers or our national interest.”

Then in response to the interviewer Senator Perdue, 68 anni, he said “No” when asked whether the President had used the derogatory term for Africa, Haiti and El Salvador, “and I am telling you there were other members that we checked our own stories.

“I’m not the only one that does not remember that being said.”

Senator Perdue was among 3 Republicans in the bipartisan meeting with at the White House with President Trump and 3 Democrats to discuss the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and other immigration issues.

Some lawmakers there proposed restoring protections for immigrants from the countries and President Trump essentially told them NO.

President Donald Trump rejected a bipartisan “Dreamer” immigration plan proposed by a group of US Senators, including Senator Durbin, saying it did not properly fund his wall along the southern border with Mexico while calling it “a step backward.”

The President reiterated his call for a merit-based immigration system. Senator Durbin, a close associate of Barack Hussein Obama took a ‘shot’ at him accusing President Trump of being a racist.

Then Senator Dick Durbin, bashed President Trump saying that he “repeatedly” used “hate-filled, vile and racist” language about immigrants from those countries.

Friday, President Trump denied using any off color language in that private closed door meeting saying on Twitter that “the language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but that was not the language used.”

Both Senator’s Perdue and  Tom Cotton (R-AK) said in a statement Friday that “we do not recall the president saying these comments specifically.”

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) did not say that the President used the language Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) has accused him of.

We expect President Trump to speak strongly and passionately on the Key issue of immigration, and the Democrats to try to derail his momentum to a resolution of the issue.

“That’s not against any standard of measure of whether it be helpful to grow the economy or helpful for American interest.

“It really is simply a measure of family relationships,” Senator Perdue said. “There has got to be a better balance between protecting relationships and getting the economy going.”

Last September, Senators Perdue and Cotton proposed the RAISE Act, which would put the United States on a merit-based immigration system similar to Canada and Australia.

“We can solve the DACA issue, but we’ve got to have some structural changes to how people come into the country,” Senator Perdue said in the TV interview. “We believe the first thing we need to do is fix the legal immigration system.

“This is an economic issue, as well as a social and political issue,” he said.

Key to any reform would be ending chain migration, as well as funding a wall on the US border with Mexico.

President Trump has asked Congress for $18-B for the first phase of The Wall, for which Mexican officials have said they will not pay.

“The cost is going to be somewhere between $15 and $20-B.

“The President thinks we can get a lot of that done in one year and I agree with him.

“In the business sense, I think we could go and get a lot of this done — and we need to.

It’s a national security issue,” he said

In his interview, Senator Perdue also said:

  • The biggest threat to the national security is the US debt, echoing Defense Secretary James Mattis. “It does not allow us to rebuild our military.”
  • NKorea’s EMP satellite bomb could “shut down the infrastructure” of the United States.
  • President Donald Trump granted Iran sanctions relief to give Tehran “1 last chance to see if we can change their behavior.”

America First!

Have a terrific weekend.

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