President Trump Stands Tall Vs Media Attacks

President Trump Stands Tall Vs Media Attacks

President Trump Stands Tall Vs Media Attacks


President Donald Trump stands tall and is resilient because he’s accustomed to handling numerous undertakings simultaneously.

“This man is extremely resilient. I’ve known him for a long time. I’ve always found when things are tough, he’s actually more resilient, more relaxed. He can deal with numerous problems, issues, crises going on at the same time,” Christopher Ruddy said Saturday.

“For Donald Trump, handling a number of things, this is like easy stuff. I think what we’ve seen here is there’s an adjustment period for him. He’s never been president, there’s no on-the-job training for it,” he added.

Mr. Ruddy said the President was “holding up great” despite poll numbers that show him hovering around the 40% approval rating, and pointed out that “90%-plus of people who voted for him are still with him.”

Voters in 17 States have President Trump at a 50%+ approval rating.

“He’s very open to constructive criticism. What I think bothers him the most are unfair attacks against him, personal attacks,” he said.

Mr. Ruddy explained while media coverage focused on issues, such as what Attorney General Jeff Sessions said to Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak, CNN focused “Zero” attention to a Senate intelligence report released earlier this month on the volume of leaks coming from internal US security agencies that were “harmful to the country.”

“Why are there so many internal government leaks, that are illegal, being made against the president?” Ruddy asked, pointing out that his firm, Newsmax, works to provide a “fair balance” of news coverage because he felt “we have a duty as journalists, as media people to give the public both sides.”

Mr. Ruddy also explained President Trump had similar approval ratings to those of former President Barack Hussein Obama

“Barack Obama spent almost his entire eight years between 38 and 42%,” he explained. “I never heard anyone say on CNN, MSNBC that he had poor approval numbers, even though he was at basically where President Trump is.”

President Trump’s approval numbers had remained steady despite the constant media attacks.

The America People love that President Trump communicates directly with them via Twitter daily.

“The 1st 6 months we’ve never had a president that’s ever suffered the attacks he’s suffered,” Mr. Ruddy said, adding he has encouraged President Trump to “reach to the center” to succeed on policy issues.

Last week President Trump named Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci as his new communications director. Mr. Scaramucci has said he’d like to hit the “reset button” with the media.

Mr. President, Drain the Swamp!

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