President Trump Signals America is “Dealing from Strength Again”

President Trump Signals America is “Dealing from Strength Again”

President Trump Signals America is “Dealing from Strength Again”

North Korea, China’s proxy, may be moving the United States towards a military confrontation with an ongoing nuclear arms threat in order to bring about detente.

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un is likely rattled by US President Donald Trump’s no-nonsense vow to take him on as necessary, he (China) knew they could “face down” former US President Barack Hussein Obama.

“It looks like we’re being pushed into [this military] situation…. What I’m really excited about is that Trump has sent the message that he’s going to deal from strength, that he’s not afraid to pull the trigger,” said the former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) in an interview Friday.

“Kim Jong-un has got to be thinking right now ‘oh my goodness what do I do now? I’ve gotten myself into this box and how do I get out of it?’

“The only thing that worries me is North Korea obviously can attack South Korean and that would create a horrible situation but we can longer accept North Korea moving towards a nuclear weapon and putting it on missiles.”

US warships are now headed to the North Korean coast as the tiny Asian nation prepares to celebrate the 105th birthday of its founder, Kim Il-sung Saturday, and possibly fire a ballistic missile, test a nuclear device or just present a fire works display along with cartoon marching of hungry soldiers and a display of weapons.

American are grateful that President Trump and not Hillary Clinton is managing the North Korean crisis.

President Trump will take action if it is necessary, he will let our military do it without “wet behind the ears”  White House advisors making tactical decisions about North Korea as Mr. Hussein Obama was prone to do in his 8yrs in the Oval Office.

Stay tuned…

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