President Trump Set to Destroy the Crumbling European Union

President Trump Set to Destroy the Crumbling European Union

President Trump Set to Destroy the Crumbling European Union

Recently, US President Donald Trump proposed French President Emmanuel Macron leave the European Union, suggesting he would get a better bilateral trade deal for France in return

European officials told reporters the President approached the subject during a private meeting at the White House with President Macron in April.

He asked President Macron, ‘Why don’t you leave the EU?’ and said that if France exited the single currency bloc, that the US would offer France it a bi-lateral trade deal with better terms than the EU as a whole gets from the United States.

The White House did not dispute the account, but declined to comment.

The proposal by President Trump is an incentive to dismantle the fragile socialist organization of America’s allies.

Italy, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Portugal, UK are moving back to nationalism after the dismal results lived in the single currency bloc.

President Trump has been hammering the EU and NATO since his campaign, and has increased his attacks on the EU’s unfair trade practices with the US and its NATO members non payment of their fair share of defense spending, all to the detriment of Americans.

President Trump does not believe in the sanctity of the EU and NATO Vs the American taxpayer, and the nations commitment to them.

President Trump is no fan of Germany’s Socialist Chancellor Angela Merkel and is quietly (maybe not so quietly) moving to undermine her position as the bloc’s leader.

She is on very tender hooks now, as President Trump, the world’s most powerful leader will not be talked down to or scolded by a Communist ‘Schoolmarm’.

He believes that the EU, NATO, and the United States’ relationship with them can no longer be discounted, rationalized or seen as anything but what they are, and he is working to unwind the strategic infrastructure between them and us.

I expect that President Trump will win, and that it will be beneficial for all sovereign countries, including Germany, long term.

America First and MAGA

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