President Trump Sends Strong Signal, “America is Back”

President Trump Sends Strong Signal, “America is Back”

President Trump Sends Strong Signal, “America is Back”

US President Donald Trump’s decision to launch a limited air strike in Syria sends a strong signal to the world that the US is still a global powerhouse.

“I think it sends a strong signal that America is back. America has bite. We had this president for eight years, [Barack] Obama, who has dug a hole so deep it’s going to be very difficult to climb out of,” Author David Horowitz said Friday.

Listen up People: Barack Hussein Obama is the one that unleashed the Islamic State on the world, the one who unleashed Syria President Assad, and the one with the help of once US Secretary Hillary R. Clinton, who created the vacuum into which Russia entered.

Recall that the USA used to be the dominant foreign power in that area. Then thanks to Barack Hussein Obama’s treachery it faded. But now the world knows once again that the United States is not going to sit by when its national security interest is threatened.

Syria has condemned the US missile strike while Syrian opposition welcomed the military action against President Assad after a chemicals unleashed  earlier in the week that killed about 80 civilians.

Friday, Russia warned that US cruise missile strikes on a Syrian air base could have “extremely serious” consequences, as President Trump’s 1st Key entry into a foreign conflict opened up a rift between Moscow and Washington.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson expressed disappointment Friday at Russia’s hostile reaction to missile strikes against Syria, but said Moscow’s trenchant support for the regime was unsurprising.

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