President Trump Sending More Troops to ‘The Wall’

President Trump Sending More Troops to ‘The Wall’

The Trump Administration is ordering 1,000 more active-duty troops to the US-Mexico border to add barbed wire to the border Wall.

That would make the total number of troops at the border 6,000 by 1 March, with 140 more miles of Concertina wire added, Defense Department officials were quoted as saying.

“That mission has evolved,” said a senior defense official. “We are now transitioning to supporting [areas] between the ports of entry. We’re laying down another 140 miles of concertina wire, we are about 30% done with that, as well as providing a ground-based detection and monitoring mission in support of CBP.”

The troops will fulfill 2 functions: “wire placement” and “detection and monitoring between the ports of entry.”

America First!

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