President Trump Sees ‘Jail’ For Disgraced Former FBI Director Comey

President Trump Sees ‘Jail’ For Disgraced Former FBI Director Comey

President Trump Sees ‘Jail’ For Disgraced Former FBI Director Comey

James Comey is reeling as President Trump call of his prosecution, arrest and jailing.

Fired FBI Director James Comey says it’s “not OK” or “not normal” for the President to call for the jailing of private citizens.

Mr. Comey also said that he does not trust the Justice Department and that the job of USAG is too big for Jeff Sessions, that it is beyond his ability.

US President Donald Trump suggested earlier this week that Mr. Comey should be jailed and accused him of leaking classified information and lying under oath to Congress.

Tuesday, Mr. Comey said during a live TV interview that President Trump is “just making stuff up.”

Mr. Comey says Trump calling for him and other perceived enemies to be jailed “is not acceptable in this country” and that “the President doesn’t get to decide who goes to jail.”

President Trump fired Director Comey last year amid the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election.

Mr. Comey is on a tour selling his new tell all book, something that is really not normal for a Key government official so early after sacking.


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