President Trump Sees a National Emergency at Southern Border

President Trump Sees a National Emergency at Southern Border

President Trump’s conservative allies are urging him to declare a national emergency to build his proposed border Wall, though he is not expected to do so in his address to the nation Tuesday evening.

The US-Mexico border Wall, a Key campaign promise is a hot button issue nation wide.

Observers say, it is unlikely that President Trump will use an Oval Office address scheduled for 9:00p EST time to invoke his emergency powers.

A draft seen Tuesday did not include such a declaration, though President Trump could change his mind, add it and surprise The People.

The Trump allies pressing for the emergency-powers strategy believe there is a good chance the Republican-appointed majority on the Supreme Court will line up behind the GOP President and, if not, political blame can be pointed at the justices who rule against President Trump.

Vice President Mike Pence said Tuesday that President Trump in his address “will explain the need not just to build the Wall, which he is determined to do, but also to provide our border patrol with additional resources.” He will also call on Democrats to “come to the table and start negotiating,” VP Pence said.

President Trump has asserted that he has the authority to build the Wall without congressional approval if he declares a national emergency

Democrats have rejected the idea as an illegal overreach of Presidential authority; Republican lawmakers have been relatively quiet.

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