President Trump is Right, “America First”

President Trump is Right, “America First”

President Trump is Right, “America First”

President Donald Trump is right to take an America First approach to foreign policy, former Senator Joe Lieberman said in a TV interview

During an appearance Senator Lieberman was asked about President Trump’s national security speech Monday that outlined America’s strategy moving forward.

“It’s America First, which frankly it always should be America First,” the Connecticut Democrat said. “Our foreign policy, our defense policy should always be about American freedom, American security, American prosperity.

“But this president by this document is fully engaged in the world to protect our security and our freedom and our prosperity, and I found it, in that sense, to be reassuring. I don’t agree with everything about it, but I think it’s a strong statement, and it’s an honest statement. It’s realistic.”

“We can never be the leader in the world, or destined to be, unless we’re strong here at home and that begins economically and of course if we’re strong in the world, that helps our prosperity here at home,” Senator Lieberman said.

“That’s certainly the way it’s worked overall in the years since the end of the Second World War, when we really assumed global leadership. I think this statement by the President means back to global leadership.”

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