President Trump Repairing Hussein Obama’s Damage to Our Republic

President Trump Repairing Hussein Obama’s Damage to Our Republic

President Trump Repairing Hussein Obama’s Damage to Our Republic

President Donald Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia was heartening to our partners in the Middle East, it is the beginning of what needs to happen.

President Trump eclipsed of former President Barack Hussein Obama’s ill-fated lecturing speech in Y 2009 when he thought “tip-toeing” was what US allies wanted to hear.

“Obama was fundamentally wrong to believe that Muslims heard ‘war on terror’ to mean ‘war on Muslims,'” former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton wrote in an OppEd Monday.

“The victims of this terrorism have already included more Muslims than those of any other faith. The Muslim world understands this is not a ‘battle between different faiths,’ as Trump said, even if Obama did not,” Amb. Bolton wrote.

But Trump’s work is only beginning, he added.

“Preparing for possible conflict with Iran is very much on the minds of the Arab leaders Trump just met. Arms sales alone do not constitute a strategy against Iran because its preferred tactics rest on terrorism and nuclear intimidation . . . With Iran’s nuclear capability ever nearer, even more forceful US or Israeli action may be required,” he wrote.

Amb. Bolton said Pesident Trump’s itinerary of traveling from Saudi Arabia to Israel was symbolic in that uniting 2 Key players against a common enemy would be beneficial to them all.

“Of course, Iran sees the same constellation forming, and will doubtless increase its financial, political and military support for Hamas to ensure that it fails,” he wrote.

Which brings everything back to President Trump’s speech, it is the beginning.

“President Trump’s speech brought welcome relief to his Arab audience after eight years of Obama’s blindness to Iranian and terrorist threats. But actions must follow.”

“What he needs to accomplish most urgently is the expedited destruction of the ISIS ‘caliphate’ in Iraq and Syria, followed by concrete steps to eliminate Iran’s nuclear-weapons program, and ultimately the Ayatollah’s regime,” Amb. Bolton concluded. “If such actions follow his words, then his speech will have been a success.”

America’s eligious leaders sang the praises of President Trump for visiting Saudi Arabia and Israel, saying it showed “the great religions of the world” he is committed to a “lasting peace” in the Middle East.

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