President Trump Pulled Out of Paris Accord Not on Science

President Trump Pulled Out of Paris Accord Not on Science

President Trump Pulled Out of Paris Accord Not on Science

US President Trump just pulled America out of the Paris Accord. He avoided, throughout his speech, of any mention of the science debate. His case does not rest on debunking the science.

He simply made the point, as he did with TPP, that the agreement is bad for American workers.

This agreement was an albatross around America’s neck making it more difficult for it to compete with other nations. No wonder China, India and Russia and most other countries joined.

Also the thrust of this agreement was wealth redistribution.

Finally it restricted American sovereignty making it subject to the will of others. Just like the nations of Europe lost their sovereignty to the EU so would America lose its sovereignty to the international community.

In fact while the Europeans and the Arabs are quite happy to rely on America for defense, they try to bring America to heel will the imposition of “international law”.

For instance they are trying to pass blasphemy resolutions at the UN which would require all its member states, including the US, to pass the same laws in Congress.

There were also UN initiatives that would require the US to abandon its Second Amendment.

It is imperative that the US preserve its sovereignty by resisting the calls, both domestic and international, to relinquish it. When the US chooses to enter a Treaty which would be binding on all signatories thereto, the US constitution rightfully requires the Senate to approve with at least a 2/3 majority before the Treaty is ratified.

But withdrawing from this agreement, President Trump is making America Great Again.

By Ted Belman

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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