President Trump Promises Results, He Delivers Results

President Trump Promises Results, He Delivers Results

President Trump Promises Results, He Delivers Results

US President Donald Trump, despite all odds, “kept his eye on the prize” on the way to a “historically successful 1st year in office,” Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel wrote Saturday

Mrs. McDaniel is the 2nd Trump supporter this week to author a piece with the theme of Trump’s “historic” 1st year despite the Democrat party’s obstruction efforts.

“Because of that, he has had a historically successful first year in office,” she wrote.

Mrs. McDaniel listed the long list of accomplishments of President Trump’s Administration, starting with the passage of tax reform, then highlighting growing the military, protecting the southern border and his battle against opioid addiction, among others.

“As we reflect on President Trump’s 1st year, let this be a reminder that the Democrats who claim to care about us are actually working against us. They push fraudulent narratives to hide President Trump’s real action for the American people,” she wrote.

“They’ve pledged a reckless resistance, whereas President Trump pledges results. Despite their obstruction, the president continues to lead, so here is to 1 year down, and many more to go,” Mrs. McDaniel concluded.


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