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President Trump, ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’ Litany Continues


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Friday night, President Trump promised that “if Democrats continue to hold this critical relief hostage I will act under my authority as President to get Americans the relief they need.”

Saturday, President Trump used his Power and moved to bypass the nation’s Democrat lawmakers claiming the authority to defer payroll taxes and extend an expired unemployment benefit after his Teams’ negotiations with Congress on aid/relief/stimulus package failed.

At his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, President Trump signed 4 executive orders that undermined the country’s V-shaped economic recovery.

President Trump moved to continue paying a supplemental federal unemployment benefit for millions of Americans out of work during the medical emergency chaos.

Congress allowed the payments to expire on 1 August.

President Trump’s use of executive actions to sidestep Congress is a keen manifestation of the Power of the President.

President Trump has not spoken with Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi since last year and likely will not yet this year and perhaps never again, he has nothing to talk to her about.

With his $400 weekly unemployment assistance, as well as his deferrals of payroll tax and federal student loan payments plus his continuation of the freeze on some evictions during the chaos President Trump has given the long in the tooth ‘Speaker’ his cold shoulder.

“It’s $400 a week, and we are doing it without the Democrats,” President Trump said, asking states to cover 25% of the cost. President Trump said it would be up to each state to determine how much to fund.

President Trump said Saturday the orders “will take care of pretty much this entire situation, as we know it.” They are far smaller in scope than congressional legislation, and they contain No Pork!

President Trump said the employer portion of the payroll tax would be deferred from 1 August through the end of the year.

President Trump was silent on how he’d fund the Medicare and Social Security benefits that the 7% tax on employee income covers. Employers also pay 7.65% of their payrolls into the funds.

Making and Keeping America Great!

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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