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President Trump ‘The People’ are in Pain, Tension is Growing, We Must Reopen!

President Trump’s mission: open America again push will deliver what he wants Thursday a win over the coronavirus that leaves the health of a infinitesimal number of Americans decision to others.

He will be criticized by the left, Bill Gates, and behind his back by The Doctors Doom, but the greatest country in history is dying before and around us, and I do not believe he is not going to let that happen on his watch.

President Trump says now is the time to show that America is still super strong and ready show the world that is a Fact!

The President plans to release new guidelines that tell states they can lift stay-at-home orders and ease social distancing at the discretion of their governors even before a 1 May deadline.

This should to be a major and unifying mark in the war Vs a disease that has felled 24,000+ Americans and has brought on an economic collapse to the nation by the WHO and the medical community.

Notably, President Herbert Hoover (31) became the Patron Saint of failure in office after his inept response to the Great Depression, and made him a political whipping boy for decades to come, just as the left is trying to do not to President Trump.

President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus emergency is somehow being compared to 30’s incompetence, nothing could be further from the truth.

Today, we have a President who is exercising his power that The People gave him to exercise.

President Trump has the power to authorize the manufacture for the federal government of the appropriate goods like medical equipment and he has done that!

Adam Smith, said that there is a lot of ruin in the liberal establishment. And as I see it the liberals are trying to resurrect an old story that does not fit in this emergency today, period no matter how deftly it is argued by the MSM and the Democratic leadership.

In a telephone interview with Bruce WD Barren, he said, “we may have reached the point where we can no longer just start to pare away the elite liberal establishment, we have to totally cut it out as it is destroying our Republic. And President Trump is not letting it happen on his watch.

Abraham Lincoln led the Union to victory in the Civil War, Franklin Delano Roosevelt led the nation through the Great Depression and World War II. John F. Kennedy remained cool and diplomatic during the Cuban Missile Crisis. These Presidents are remembered for their steely resolve and creative action, and most importantly Donald J. Trump will win our War against the coronavirus and the Deep State.” said Bruce WD Barren, Chairman, EMCO/ Hanover Group .

The current CDC count is 605,390 cases of novel coronavirus in the United States and 24,582 people dead, or .0001% to date, should 60,000 die that means .0002%, there are 331,000,000 people in this country, put that in perspective.

And this: While The People deal with the spread of the coronavirus crisis in the United States, the 2019-2020 flu season is still underway with the latest data reported by the CDC, are that so far this season, the CDC estimates between 39,000,000 and 55,000,000 flu illnesses, at least 400,000 hospitalizations, and as many as 63,000 deaths from flu.

For the most part, people that die from these virus’ are weak, suffer from preexisting conditions like obesety, diabetes, hypertension, heart trouble ++++.

Americans want to get back to work, businesses want to reopen, industries that have been hobbled want to be freed to reopen and produce.

There are 43 under stay-at-home orders from their Governors. And the gloom and doom medical experts have said the key to having fewer daily reports of coronavirus is for people to adhere to those edicts.

In some states, groups of people have gone to the state capital to protest, saying their individual freedoms are being trampled on.

Wednesday, in Lansing, Michigan several streets around the Capitol were crowded with cars and trucks in a protest organized by conservative groups against Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem argued in a press conference Tuesday that the outbreak of coronavirus at the Smithfield Foods plant in Sioux Falls could not have been prevented by a stay-at-home order.

The Yuma Regional Medical Center is losing more than $400,000 a day because of a state pause for elective surgeries and procedures, according to hospital CEO.

In the State of Washington, the hospital association wants to focus on patients that “may be in danger of losing their health insurance due to furloughs” or being laid off, said the President and CEO of the organization. She added that delaying health care is detrimental to the health of some patients.

Germany has begun: Intermediate success in Germany with 1st relaxation of corona-related restrictions = shops are reopening + recommendation to wear masks + schools reopen after 4 May 2020 + no major events until end of August, confinement prolonged until 3 May 2020.

Switzerland’s government is due to unveil Thursday how it plans to relax the country’s shutdown put in place to halt the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic.

Health Minister Alain Berset will outline a 3-Stage plan to start a gradual opening of businesses and schools that have been shuttered for a month.

Under Minister Berset’s plan, companies that provide personal services like hairdressers and physiotherapists will be allowed to return to work on 27 April.

Despite the numbers, health officials have said they believe US numbers are leveling,“There’s no doubt what we’ve seen over the last several days is a flattening out,” Dr. Anthony ‘Doom’ Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Wednesday on TV.

A team led by the CDC and the Federal Emergency Management Agency has drafted a strategy to return the country to work that includes guidance for local and state governments on how to reopen safely in phases. Imagine how complex such a plan might be, and how useless, there are 300,000,000 people in this country and the majority of them do not trust government institutions.

Dr. Robert Redfield, CDC head said on TV Wednesday.”This is going to be fundamental to maintain and contain cases as they occur and then make sure we have the health capacity to deal with this, as we work to regain the confidence of the American public that it’s safe to go back to work.”

The Big Q: Why are Drs Fauci, Birks and Redfield still at the podium with President Trump?

They are all Deep State operators with questionable pasts and are not America’s Doctors.

The Governors of 43 states have begun in discussions about the 1st steps toward reopening their economies, with many of the nation’s stay-at-home orders, as well as the federal government’s social distancing guidelines, set to expire on 30 April.

President Trump is the ultimate decider, and when he decides to open up this country the Deep State left will criticize him, and a 150,000,000 Americans will praise him for Making and Keeping America Great!

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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