President Trump Pares US Involvement in UN Activities Outside America’s Interest

President Trump Pares US Involvement in UN Activities Outside America’s Interest

President Trump Pares US Involvement in UN Activities Outside America’s Interest

US President Donald Trump is/has preparing an executive order that will significantly reduce US involvement in the United Nations.

The draft order, “Auditing and Reducing US Funding of International Organizations,” would terminate funding completely for any international organization that meets one or more of several criteria.

The criteria include those that recognize the Palestinian Authority or PLO, fund abortion, or work to circumvent sanctions against Iran or North Korea.

The order also calls for “at least a 40% overall decrease” in funding to international groups overall.

The order would also create a committee tasked with identifying where cuts can be made. The committee would take a closer look at the International Criminal Court, peacekeeping missions, the UN Population Fund, and developmental aid to countries that oppose US policy.

A 40% decrease overall in US funding towards the UN and other international organizations would save American taxpayers a significant amount of money.

The US currently provides about 25% of all funding to UN peacekeeping missions and funds 20% of the UN’s general budget alone. Including other mandatory and voluntary expenditures, US taxpayers send roughly $8-B to the international organization each year.

And while the internationalist ideologue will insist that the US i fulfilling its international moral obligations, such an assertion assumes the UN and its peacekeepers are actually doing their jobs.

A Y 2014 study of UN peacekeeping operations with a mandate to protect civilians discovered that UN troops “did not report responding to 406 (80%) of [the 570] incidents where civilians were attacked.”

The Y 2010 cholera outbreak in Haiti which killed more than 8,000 people was traced to UN peacekeepers, and UN staff members have been accused of sexual exploitation, rape, and abuse in at least 10 countries in Europe, Africa, and the West Indies.

A Y 2012 study by researchers at NYU and Mississippi State University of the best and worst aid agency practices found that the UN had some of the very worst.

“The biggest difference is between the UN agencies, who mostly rank in the bottom half of donors, and everyone else,” the report noted that salaries are 33% higher than their US civil servant counterparts.

In addition to being a drain on America’s treasury, our extravagant commitments to the UN often undermine the nation’s moral credibility.

Rampant accusations of fraud, mismanagement, corruption, and sexual assault aside, the UN is the organization charged ostensibly with protecting world peace and human rights that counts China, Cuba, Burundi, Egypt, Iraq, Venezuela, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia among the members of its Human Rights Council.

By Edmund Kozak

Paul Ebeling, Editor



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