President Trump Owns the Media, He Does Not Play by Its Rules

President Trump Owns the Media, He Does Not Play by Its Rules

President Trump Owns the Media, He Does Not Play by Its Rules

US President Donald Trump does not play by the media’s rules, hence, he is getting under the mainstream media’s skin. Donald Trump owns the forum because he goes direct to The People.

They now know they are unwitting players in his new reality TV show, ‘Beat the Press’ and he can dismiss any one of them at will.

The Fourth Estate (press/media) is now scratching and clawing at everything it can find in order to make President Trump look bad, they are fighting for relevance aka their lives.

“He’s not playing by their rules and this just drives them crazy,” US Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said in a TV interview Friday.

“I found it so interesting that most of the liberal media today did not have a single thing to say about the vote the House took Thursday on removing Title 10 funding. They had not a word to say about the President signing the bill to remove the regulations against Coal and to help provide jobs to thousands of Americans.

“What did they want to talk about?

They wanted to talk about Thursday’s press conference and their negative impression of that press conference and they wanted to talk about Russia and the leaks and some supposed activity that still you’ve got news reports but no confirmations.”

Ms. Blackburn, the Chairman of the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives and Vice Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, added that she is “frustrated” that the Senate has taken so much time to approve President Trump’s Cabinet nominees.

“We’ are all frustrated with the Senate, we want them to show up, do their job and approve the President’s Cabinet and every President should have the opportunity to have his Cabinet in place,” she said.

Our President will get his Cabinet, as Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and his woeful gang have their “last hurrah”.

Have a terrific weekend.

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