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President Trump: “Our Country is Coming Back After ‘Plague & Protests'”


The US is making its comeback from a year in which it was hit hard by the C-19 coronavirus chaos, protests and violent riots following the death of George Floyd.

President Trump said that he believes that he can unite the country as it makes its return to greatness aka MAGA.

We had, come out of nowhere, a plague came in from China,” President Trump said in a TV interview Friday, “It just came in, and it came all over the world. It went all over the world. Looking at 186 countries, and they were devastated. We were certainly hit very hard. Some were hit harder than us, relatively. But we were hit very, very hard. Now we are making our comeback, and on Top of it, we have the riots, which were unnecessary to the extent they were.”

But before the C-19 coronavirus, “we were riding high, the greatest economy in history,” said President Trump. “Then we got hit with this plague, this horrible plague, and it was devastating in many ways. Including the lives that were lost. That can never be regained.”

Economically, “next year we will have a fantastic year. I think we will have a fantastic Q-3, but you can never replace the lost lives,” he said. 

President Trump said he watched the violent riots, and thinks some of the protesters did not know why they were there (other than that they were paid to participate and follow the crowds).

A lot of them really were there because they were following the crowd, a lot of them were there because what we witnessed was a terrible thing,” said President Trump. “What we saw was a terrible thing. And we have seen it over the years. You know, this was one horrible example, but we have seen other terrible examples.”

There are “incredible people” in law enforcement, less than 1% bad cannot be allowed to destroy the 99% good, said the President.

There has also been a call for police reform to eliminate chokeholds, which he does not like, but he warned that stopping them may not be so easy. 

What President Trump did not say is that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots fueled by the domestic terrorist organization ANTIFA is a Marxist anti-capitalist movement that is not only about inciting violence and destroying public and private property, it is about Black racism, Blacks celebrating Black criminals, and random police brutality enforcing the law.

And make no mistake George Floyd was a violent drugged up Criminal!

The day-to-day injustice that many Black Americans face is from their own society and the Democrat officials they elect to govern.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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