President Trump Orders Military to Shoot Down NKorean Missiles

President Trump Orders Military to Shoot Down NKorean Missiles

President Trump Orders Military to Shoot Down NKorean Missiles

President Donald Trump has given military orders for US forces to shoot down and destroy any missile launched from North Korea and moving toward the continental United States, Hawaii, and Guam.

Sources close to the president’s national security team said the order was given to Pentagon brass in the wake of last month’s threat by NKorea to fire a ballistic missile aimed at Guam, a US territory.

Last Sunday, NKorea detonated a thermonuclear weapon. The communist regime claims they can fit the new device on advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles, known as ICBMs.

This week, SKorean intelligence sources said the North was moving an ICBM in an apparent preparation for another test launch over the northern Pacific and possibly Japan.

The President also is said to be considering a new “shoot down” order for any NKorean missile launched and moving toward Japan or SKorea.

“This is a clear exercise of self-defense, and there’s no question we should do it,” former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said.

Amb. Bolton said US allies SKorea and Japan “are in jeopardy” and said the United States must take steps to protect them under treaty obligations.

The Presidential Order came after a flurry of recent provocations from Pyongyang.

In August, President Trump ominously warned the NKoreans that continued threats “will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

Soon after, NKorea answered President Trump’s warning by threatening a ballistic missile strike off the territory of Guam.

The President quickly responded, saying any attack against the US would be met with a fierce response.

“Things will happen to them like they never thought possible,” the President said, adding US forces were “Locked & Loaded.”

The situation appeared to be de-escalating when NKorean strongman Kim Jong Un announced he had met with his military commanders and they would not fire the missile at Guam.

In a threatening move on 29 August, NKorea launched from their capital Pyongyang what they said was an “ultramodern rocket system” an intermediate range missile. The missile flew over Japanese territory and landed in the Pacific.

“There is general consensus in the White House and the Pentagon that NKorea is quite close to the ‘red zone’ and that the U.S. must act soon or lose the upper hand,” one official said.

Amb. Bolton, who has advised the president informally on security matters, said the US is being “driven in the direction of a preemptive strike because North Korea won’t back down.”

“We are close to the finish line,” Amb. Bolton said, referring to Pyongyang’s recent missile and nuclear developments. “It highlights how little time we have here.”

Just days after NKorea’s nuclear test detonation, Han Tae Song, the NKorean Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, told a disarmament conference the US could expect more “more gift packages.”

If the US military does act on President Trump’s orders to shoot down a missile, this would be achieved through different US anti-ballistic programs under the aegis of the Missile Defense Agency.

Among these programs are the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, (THAAD), whose “hit to kill” interceptors are designed to shoot down an incoming missile through kinetic energy that explodes the missile on impact.

“It’s called stopping a bullet with a bullet,” a veteran intelligence expert said.

The technology appears to be working.

In late August, a day after the NKorea missile flew over Japan, the US Missile Agency conducted a test that successfully struck down a ballistic missile off the coast of Hawaii.

The White House press office and the Pentagon declined to comment.

Stay tuned…

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