President Trump Orders Immigrant ‘Caravan’ Stopped at Border

President Trump Orders Immigrant ‘Caravan’ Stopped at Border

President Trump Orders Immigrant ‘Caravan’ Stopped at Border

US President Donald Trump ordered Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to prevent “large caravans” of people from entering the US at the US-Mexico border.

The President is referring a group of migrants that are traveling from Central America through Mexico to the US

President Trump called on Mexico to put a stop to people traveling through Mexico to the US, while praising that country’s border laws as “very tough.”

“We may make this a condition of the new NAFTA agreement. Our country can not accept what is happening,” President Trump said in a Tweet.

President Trump has used the caravan to put a spotlight on US-Mexico border issues.

Early in April, Mexican officials ramped up efforts to register a diminishing group of hundreds of largely Central American migrants, seeking to disperse the “caravan.” 

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