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President Trump Opposes Another COVID-19 Economic Shutdown


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President Trump would “in no way” support another economic shutdown should the coronavirus pandemic worsen, White House Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said Thursday.

He will completely oppose that,” Mr. Kudlow said on TV. “President Trump today me this yesterday in the Oval, in no way, shape or form will he support another economy-wide shutdown. Absolutely not. It is not necessary. We are in much better shape, and if there are issues, we could target them, absolutely target them, not get back to where we were last late Winter and Spring.”

Mr. Kudlow said he does agree with shutdowns overseas, and added he will co-chair a series of meetings with his British counterparts who are taking measures.

“I think there will be targeted measures, not a complete shutdown,” said Mr. Kudlow. “France had some trouble, Spain, the rest of the continent, so they are kind of getting the hot spot bump-ups that we got last Summer. I don’t think it will decimate the economy, but I do think it creates a lot of uncertainty.”

He added that some of that uncertainty has filtered into the stock market.

Mr. Kudlow also said it is a “tough question” whether another China virus aid/relief/assistance bill will make it through Congress.

Our side has a very efficient, targeted assistance package at much, much lower cost,” said Kudlow. “I do not think this recovery, the V-Shaped recovery we have talked about, relies on another assistance package. But what I am saying is we should press for these Key targeted areas, for example, kids, small businesses, unemployment assistance for jobs.”

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