President Trump Open to Making a Deal with Iran

President Trump Open to Making a Deal with Iran
  • President Trump is reportedly considering a French plan to allow a $15-B credit for Iran should it come back and comply with the Iran nuclear deal, according to US and foreign officials.
  • The plan was originally floated by French officials but contingent on US approval.
  • President Trump has recently lightened his stance and appeared to open to the idea of making a deal with Iran, a similar position he conveyed to the NKorean regime.

President Trump is entertaining the Macron proposition, which would be a turn from his prior position on the matter. His rhetoric in the Bolton era towards the Iranian regime was unwavering from slapping heavy sanctions against Iran, to successfully pulling the US out of the nuclear deal dating back to former President Barack Obama’s administration in Y 2015.

I do believe they would like to make a deal,” President Trump said Wednesday, adding that he believed “Iran has tremendous potential.”

They are proud of their people,” he said. “And we are not looking for regime change. We hope that we can make a deal, and if we can’t make a deal, that’s fine too. But I think they have to make a deal.

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