President Trump on the FBI, “Even the building is ‘brutalist architecture”

President Trump on the FBI, “Even the building is ‘brutalist architecture”

President Trump on the FBI, “Even the building is ‘brutalist architecture”

US Pesident Donald Trump is not happy with the J. Edgar Hoover building in Washington, DC, home to the FBI’s HQ, which he called “brutalist architecture.”

“Even the building is terrible,” President Trump said. “It’s one of the brutalist-type buildings, you know, brutalist architecture. Honestly, I think it’s one of the ugliest buildings in the city.”

President Trump is opposed to moving the FBI out of Washington, DC, but says it needed a “total revamp.”

“This is prime real estate, right on Pennsylvania Avenue,” he said. “This is a great address. They need to stay there. But it needs a total revamp.”

The word is that President Trump told his CoF John Kelly that he wants to personally oversee details of a renovation of the building, including the cost per sqf, the materials used and the renovation specs.

“POTUS has interest in the issue and has met with FBI officials, but more importantly the GSA team. GSA has concerns that the building cannot  be rehabilitated, particularly given the security requirements and has relayed that to him,” a White House official said.

To date, the FBI recognizes the HQ building needs fixing, though has not submitted plans to Congress and there are no funds appropriated for the project.


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