President Trump on the Economy, “you haven’t seen anything yet!”

President Trump on the Economy, “you haven’t seen anything yet!”

President Trump on the Economy, “you haven’t seen anything yet!”

  • President Trump has earned good marks in  his handling of the economy.

US President Donald Trump cheered the economic growth that has occurred during his Presidency, tweeting early Friday that he’s just getting started.

“Target (NYSE:TGT)CEO raves about the Economy. ‘This is the best consumer environment I’ve seen in my career.’ A big statement from a top executive. But virtually everybody is saying this, & when our Trade Deals are made, & cost cutting done, you haven’t seen anything yet!”

President Trump’s Tweet refers to Brian Cornell, CEO of Retail giant Target, which reported its best comparable-sales growth in 13 years and the most customer visits to the most in a decade, news that sent its stock to a record high Wednesday.

Trump fired off a second Tweet soon after:

“Our Economy is setting records on virtually every front – Probably the best our country has ever done. Tremendous value created since the Election. The World is respecting us again! Companies are moving back to the U.S.A.”

By early Friday afternoon, President Trump revisited the topic in a Twitter video.

“Our country is doing phenomenally well,” he said, again promising improvements to come.

The Tweets come a day after President Trump warned that the stock market will crash and “everybody would be very poor” if Democrats regain control of Congress and attempt to impeach him.

“I guess it says something like high crimes and all, I don’t know how you can impeach somebody who has done a great job,” President Trump said during a wide-ranging interview recorded Wednesday at the White House and aired on TV Thursday morning.

“I will tell you what, if I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash. I think everybody would be very poor because without this thinking, you would see numbers that you wouldn’t believe in reverse.”

Further, he said, if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 Plection, instead of the current 4.1% growth, the economy would have tanked.

Instead, he said he got “rid of regulations,” and “did a lot of things.”

“Had Hillary and the Democrats gotten in, had she been President, you would have had negative growth,” he said. “We picked up $10-T in worth. China, by the way, has gone down $15-T, okay? And when I came, in China was a dominant force. Now, they like me very much. I get along great with President Xi Jinping.”

The Big Q: How seriously should we take President Trump’s claim that stocks would crash if he were actually impeached and left the Oval Office?

The Big A: Not sure, but likely in my opinion and here is why.

In examining President Trump’s claim about a crash, investors would ask how much of the policy benefit would be rolled back if his Presidency were threatened.

Most analysts, including me are skeptical the President is in any real danger and not sure there would be any major impact should he be

Overall, President Trump has earned good marks in  his handling of the economy.

A new poll released Friday by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found President Trump receives his best marks from the public on the economy: 51% say they approve of his handling of the economy, more than the share who approve of his performance on any other issue.

Nearly 9 in 10 Republicans approve of the President on economic policy.

The Democrats are far more likely to express disapproval, 23% do approve of the president on the issue. That’s a far greater share than the 7% of Democrats who approve of the job he’s doing overall.

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