President Trump “Would not do a bad deal with NKorea”

President Trump “Would not do a bad deal with NKorea”

FLASH: Members of the media should read President Trump’s “Art of the Deal” to understand President Trump’s decision to end negotiations with NKorean Chairman Kim Jong Un

The Big Q: What does he say in that book?

The Big A: If you want to be a great businessperson, up to the last sec in any deal, you gotta be able to stand up and walk away and not want it too much.

And he did…

President Donald Trump said he walked out of his 2nd summit with Kim Jong Un after the 2 leaders could not agree on a deal to relieve NKorea of US sanctions in exchange for Pyongyang giving up much of its nuclear weapons program.

President Trump said Chairman Kim “wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety, and we could not do that.” In exchange, the NKorean leader had offered to dismantle its main nuclear facility at Yongbyon.

“It wasn’t enough,” the president said at a news conference after the summit collapsed.

US President Trump and NKorean leader Kim Jong Un Thursday began talks on the 2nd day of their 2nd Summit, with both sides expressing hope for progress on improving relations and the Key issue of denuclearisation.

President Trump and Chairman Kim met in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, Wednesday for a brief round of talks and a dinner, and both leaders were upbeat, with President Trump saying he was satisfied with the pace of negotiations despite some criticism they were not moving quickly enough.

“I’ve been saying very much from the beginning that speed is not that important to me. I very much appreciate no testing of nuclear rockets, missiles, any of it, very much appreciate it,” Trump told reporters as he and Kim sat at a round table in the French-colonial-era Metropole hotel before their session. “No rush. We just want to do the right deal.”North Korea has conducted no nuclear or intercontinental ballistic missile tests since late 2017.

Chairman Kim, asked by a reporter if he was confident about a deal, said, through an interpreter:

“It’s too early to tell, but I wouldn’t say I’m pessimistic. For what I feel right now, I do have a feeling that good results will come out,” he said, in what was believed to be his 1st ever response to a foreign journalist.

“There must be people who watch us having a wonderful time, like a scene from a fantasy movie. We have so far made lots of efforts, and it’s time to show them,” Chairman Kim said.

President Trump reiterated NKorea’s potential, if a deal can be done, saying the isolated country could be an “economic powerhouse.”

Chairman Kim pledged to work toward denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula and the two sides committed to establish new ties and build a permanent peace regime.

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