President Trump, “No more money for the Wall, No more money for Government”

President Trump, “No more money for the Wall, No more money for Government”

President Trump, “No more money for the Wall, No more money for Government”

Thursday, US President Donald Trump warned that there could be a government shutdown next month over security on the border with Mexico, suggesting he could hold up negotiations if no more money is provided for a wall between the 2 countries.

“Could there be a shut down? There certainly could and it will be about border security, of which the wall is a part,” President Trump told reporters in Palm Beach.

President Trump said he had given the US Military authorization to use lethal force if necessary on the border with Mexico.

“If they have to they are going to use lethal force. I’ve given the OK – I hope they do not have to.”

President Trump warned that the United States could close the whole border with Mexico for a period of time “if we find that it gets to a level where we are going to lose control or our people are going to start getting hurt.”

President Trump has denounced the approach of a caravan of migrants as an “invasion” that threatened American national security, and he sent thousands of US Military troops to the border to help secure it.

Wednesday, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that he had been granted authority to allow troops on the Mexican border greater powers to help protect border officials, and would await direction from the Department of Homeland Security.

Secretary Mattis said troops could help protect the border agents with shields and batons, but would be unarmed.

A memo signed by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly gave Secretary Mattis the authority to protect immigration agents and if necessary, could include actions like use of lethal force, crowd control, temporary detention and cursory searches.

Democrats have said they are not less motivated than before to meet President Trump’s wall demands.

If the President and the Congress cannot reach a funding deal, there would be a partial government shutdown, with “essential services,” including some at the Department of Homeland Security, remaining in operation.

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